Recap: Crvi album release, Peak Physique music video premiere and ACLU compilation in the news

It’s been a wild ride the past few weeks.

Yesterday, we partnered with Croatian record label Više Manje Zauvijek to release Crvi’s debut album Piše nam se dobro. It is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download on both our bandcamp and Crvi’s bandcamp. You can also purchase a limited edition, hand packaged cassette tape via our bandcamp.

Piše nam se dobro is like Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” tailored for the 21st century – an interpretation for those who may not comprehend or for those who understand the irony of the album title. The musical vision is direct and sincere. Piše nam se dobro precisely dissects the unlikeliness of escape from the undiscovered and unavoidable.

Also yesterday, the team over at Unruly Factions premiered the new music video for Peak Physique’s “Hell Is Anywhere You’re Not”. The song can be found on our first release with Peak Physique - I Belong To You.

Go watch the video, hug the person nearest you and get ready for some more exciting Peak Physique news - coming soon!

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone involved with the release of Is There Another Language?. Lead curator Peter McCarville, Gezellig Records intern Trey Boyte, artists Elisa Dore & Paige Berry, mastering wizard Brad King and all the artists that contributed their work to a great cause. And of course, everyone who donated.

We all raised and donated $1000 (and growing!) for the ACLU. The 50 cassettes sold out within the day. They should be arriving soon and will be shipped out shortly after.

The compilation also made headlines! Recap below: