Best Friend's new album CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? out now!

Released on Halloween 2016, Can You Believe It? is the first release by Best Friend on Gezellig Records. We’re super happy to put it out, especially given our history with Best Friend.

Best Friend was the first band to play live on Gezellig Records founder Ben’s radio show The Indie Aisle on Knoxville’s WUTK. They’ve also played WUTK’s bi-annual benefit concert Exam Jam. Seeing how Best Friend has evolved over the years makes this release even more exciting for us.

You can buy the CD or the limited edition cassette here.

Best Friend is the musical project of Nashville’s Peter Fox McCarville. While studying at the University of Tennessee, the group released a string of singles and compilations before moving to Nashville and recording Can You Believe It?, their Gezellig Records debut. Can You Believe It? harmonizes the noisy with the melodic to create a dreamy, visceral pop experience that evokes a host of Best Friend’s influences, from the Shuggie Otis to the Talking Heads to the Smiths.


  1. So What Now

  2. Flowers

  3. Swallows

  4. Always Is

  5. Sure

  6. Genie

  7. Untitled

  8. Tesseract

  9. I Thought It Was Normal

  10. In Heaven

  11. Can You Believe It?