Peak Physique's I BELONG TO YOU EP out now!

Hot off the tails of their first tour, PEAK PHYSIQUE brings together a collection of five tracks to form I Belong To You. Their second release for GEZELLIG RECORDS and their first EP, I Belong To You starts with the shimmering, dreamlike “Hell Is Anywhere You’re Not.” The duo then guides you through “About That Life”, “Electrosex” and “When The Spell Breaks.” Closing track “Up : Out” ties together the whole EP. These five songs combine floating percussion and ethereal production with electro-funk, robotic intimacy.

PEAK PHYSIQUE is here to help you with love and sex. Their goal is to bring people together… mostly at the face, hands, and bathing suit areas.

I Belong To You is a taste of what PEAK PHYSIQUE has to come. This limited edition EP will offer a sample of their sound before their debut album arrives on November 1, 2016.

You can buy the EP here. You can stream the EP here.


  1. Hell Is Anywhere You’re Not
  2. About That Life
  3. Electrosex
  4. When The Spell Breaks
  5. Up : Out