Gezellig Records Launches in Knoxville, TN

We’ve announced our launch and initial roster of artists and releases. Gezellig Records is a small independent label based out of Knoxville, Tennessee. Our goal is to foster a sense of belonging and togetherness for artists and listeners alike. To achieve that goal, we will release albums and EPs by artists ranging from local to international.

Gezellig Records also offers a limited subscription series called the Cozy Club. Only 100 subscriptions will be offered. Subscribers will receive the next 10 physical releases, advance access to digital releases, unique label memorabilia, and more goodies.

We would like to welcome six artists to the family

  • Creating trans-futuristic hardstyle beats, DJ HATRED presents their first EP - the last enemy that will be abolished is death. DJ HATRED is based out of Knoxville, Tennessee. The EP is ‘for all those who feel dissociative, dysphoric, or generally disjointed and disconnected from their physical forms- dance until your body disintegrates.’ For more information, visit our Bandcamp
  • Combining soul and pop, Peak Physique are here to help you through love and sex. Matt Honkonen (Tenderhooks/Llama Train) and Wil Wright (LiL iFFy/Senryu) are both veteran East Tennessee songwriters. Their debut album Peak Physique will be released via Gezellig Records. For more information:
  • Rio de Janeiro’s Lê Almeida brings fuzzed out riffs and garage rock to the table. His five track album Mantra Happening is an exploration in psychedelic space rock. Originally released by Transfusao Noise Records, Gezellig Records is honored to reissue this beast of an album. For more information, visit our Bandcamp
  • Birthed in Austin and raging out of Chicago, No Men brings the doom. The androgynous opposite of ‘yes men’ pieces together sludge, thrash, garage and more to create an anti-everything atmosphere. With No Men, no guitar rock is allowed. Gezellig Records will be issuing their debut album Dear God Bring The Doom. For more information:
  • Hailing from Belgrade, Serbia, CRVI is an alternative rock band. They are in constant progress and do not go the safe route. They combine equal parts of garage rock and psychedelic rock into a direct and immediate sound. The four piece will release their debut album on Gezellig Records. For more information, visit their Facebook
  • Floating between Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee, Best Friend weaves together dream pop and shoegaze. The band has been regularly featured on Gezellig Records founder Ben’s radio show. They will be releasing EPs and their second album through Gezellig Records. For more information, visit their Bandcamp

Gezellig Records’ name comes from the Dutch word Gezelligheid, for which there is no direct English translation. It can be understood to mean a feeling of belonging and togetherness. It can also mean a nice, cozy, and fun atmosphere. The positive experience shared with others is the thread that ties the translations together.

Gezellig Records was founded by Ben T O Smith. He is one of the hosts of The Indie Aisle - the experimental and independent music radio show on WUTK 90.3FM in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Please direct all media inquiries to or 865.755.3833

For more information: